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What is Hybrid Solar?

Just a couple of months back, hours after a recent Hurricane, our team loaded up the trucks and began the inspection of our installed systems. We were certain all our panels remained fully intact, since we manufacture our racking designed to withstand Cat 4 hurricanes. One of our first stops was to visit a client at her home by the beach who called us the night before to assure we would come to personally check on her. When we arrived we found her luxuriously sitting in her living room, with the AC cranked, and sipping espresso.

While the rest of Cabo was in a severe power outage and beginning to feel the heat seep in, this client, like numerous others who trusted our engineering and expertise, had energy powered by her hybrid solar system.


At Innovacion Solar we prepare our clients for success with solutions that alleviate energy costs amidst rapidly rising electric rates and revitalize homes during power outages. Cabo is still a small town and respecting our clients has helped us grow organically since 2009. With over 10,000 panels installed, we are the preferred solar provider in Villas del Mar, Querencia, Chileno Bay, Diamante, and Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas.

As specialists in off grid, on grid, and solar pool heating systems, our engineers aspire to push the boundaries of innovation, technology, service and quality. At Innovacion Solar we take preparation one step further with hybrid solar systems, the most exciting trend in the global solar market.

An on grid system is very simple to install, however, most people do not know that when the local grid fails, an on grid solar system does not function. Grid goes down – Solar On Grid goes down and you remain without electricity until the damaged powerlines get fixed.

Hybrid solar is the only solar solution to prepare your home during a utility power failure, like those caused by the storms that make land fall in Cabo. It also enables you to use your solar energy at night, long after the sun has set, stored in a state-of-the-art maintenance free battery pack.

Among the many hybrids we have installed in Cabo, two are the largest in all of Mexico, and all hybrid installations are Tesla ready.  Hybrid Solar is an addition every homeowner should have!

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