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Todos Santos, Pueblo Magico

Somehow, someway, we have all heard of “Todos Santos, Pueblo Mágico (magic town)”. In this picturesque town located in Baja California Sur, you will find more than just history and tradition.

Crossed by the Tropic of Cancer and located halfway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Todos Santos was founded as a Jesuit Mission around 1720. Centuries after its establishment, you can still appreciate the facades of splendid old homes, a plaza that congregates hundreds of people during main events, a church that has witnessed years and years of tradition and a lifestyle that can only be shared by those who have had the privilege to live it.

The proof of a pudding is in the eating. One of the sunny boulevards here hosts famous Hotel California. Turned legend by a song from The Eagles (who say it did not inspire the song, but we love it anyway), along its walls you can witness history immortalized in images by a variety of artists; to taste its restaurant’s menu is to be exposed to different regional and international flavors, while walking its halls makes time stand still, transporting all our senses to a complete serene state of mind.

Legendary Hotel California

The following are some of the characteristics that make Todos Santos a true paradise in the desert of Baja California Sur.


I picked as the number one option its rich gastronomic offering, as many local restaurants and cafés are a tradition for all of us and have been around for more than 20 years.

Italian, Mexican, French, regional, etc. the local cuisine in Todos Santos wanders between traditional and modern. It plays with a combination of flavors and techniques to transport us to a unique experience and time. With the availability of organic produce from Pescadero and daily freshly caught fish, the different restaurants reflect the regional richness that is so characteristic of Baja California Sur.

World reknown Cafe Santa Fe

An iconic restaurant visited by anyone traveling to Baja is Café Santa Fe. Located inside an old and majestic home in downtown, it offers an exquisite Italian menu. The comfortable and cozy atmosphere and attentive staff that after so many years of impeccable service are now part of the family, complement this unique dining experience.


Those who walk the streets of Todos Santos inhale the bohemian air that attracts artists from all around the world to create, develop and exhibit their work. The eclectic combination of traditional and modern art shows through corners, blossoms in the streets and transforms an everyday afternoon into an adventure discovering ideas, understanding feelings and discussing distinct and ethereal points of view.

As soon as the sun rises over the mountains you can see how the different beaches of the Pacific Ocean are the perfect place to have fun, clear the mind, enjoy and live in the moment. The unsurpassable beaches surrounding Todos Santos offer the ideal escape for anyone to find himself, or herself.  It’s perfect for professional surfers or amateurs, lovers and families, to go with friends or to simply stop for a second and meditate.  Dig your feet into the sand of Cerritos, La Pastora, San Pedrito, La Cachora, La Poza, Punta Lobos and the many other swimmable beaches to feel the soft sea breeze kissing your skin.

El Faro Beach Club by Hotel Guaycura

El Faro Beach Club & Spa, from Hotel Guaycura, is a true Baja jewel fusing with nature. It offers a serene and beautiful escape to relax as a couple or with your entire family. Its comfortable amenities, great beach area, delightful menu and attentive personnel present you an unspoiled opportunity for you to enjoy a sunny day in Paradise.

Hotel Guaycura


Quaint community, summery climate, diverse cultural activities, history and tradition are all aspects wholeheartedly treasured by Todos Santos’ residents and visitors. Here, daily work and happenings balance with recreation and relaxation activities. Each day can easily be spent in holistic centers, participating in altruistic deeds or enjoying some of the many international festivals that take place year after year on its streets. The integration between the local and expat community is friendly and enjoyable. Those who choose to live here are welcomed with open arms and it is common to make lasting friendships within days of arriving. In addition to a sense of community, both nationals and foreigners care much about their resources and environment and have created a united front to protect the area’s rich and beautiful natural resources.

Real Estate

The combination of all these attributes has made Todos Santos a magnet for diverse people to call it home. One of the town’s main economic activities is property investment. The opportunities are as varied as they are unique: residential properties with views of the Pacific Ocean or the mountains, Mexican houses that combine business and home, contemporary residences made with sustainable materials, commercial opportunities for developers and investors, organic and sustainable farms, and more – much, much more. Each and every one of the different properties for sale by Coldwell Banker Riveras allows the buyer to adapt to the community and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Casa Abrazos del Mar, for sale by Coldwell Banker Riveras

The list continues with everything that contributes to the greatness of this rare, striking, and exquisite desert oasis. Rather than just reading about it, the best way to enjoy Todos Santos is to visit the town, walk down its renovated streets, bask on its beaches, share a great meal with friends and create your own memories that add to the stories and legends of this “Pueblo Mágico”.

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