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Maliparmi is an Italian designer brand offering a fresh, ethnic and beautiful concept of wearable art to highlight the unique identity of a woman. Inspired by strong-independent women all around the world, an eclectic array of fine materials and artisanal technics fuse together bringing comfortable shoes, light dresses and fashionable accessories that accentuate the uniqueness of a woman.

Presenting the VIRGINIA® BAG

Timeless, chic, practical, creative, beautiful… Maliparmi’s signature bag is designed to fuse together the brand’s whimsical values with a modern woman’s needs.

Fuelled by the love of travel and a deep interest in other cultures and traditions, Maliparmi’s Los Cabos boutique welcomes guest with a constantly renewed creativity and originality, adding personality, taste and simplicity to their shopping experience.


Submerge within the Maliparmi word visiting its location in Luxury Avenue, within Puerto Paraiso Mall.

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