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Letter from the Editor – Thrive


What makes your heart skip a beat? Is it witnessing the Pacific sky set on fire at sunset? Or going for an expedition through Baja’s mountains to find beautiful waterfalls such as one above? For me, it is living and sharing all these exceptional moments with my friends and with you throughout these pages. As a Marketing Manager and Escapes Magazine Editor my job is to promote our services, to help you understand that buying and selling real estate is an easy, rewarding process with Coldwell Banker Riveras, to make you fall in love with all that Baja California Sur has to offer you. This job is a piece of cake when we have at our disposal the natural beauty and easiness of living in the area. Yes, we all brag about its turquoise water beaches, the tasty local cuisine, how effortless it is to go from one location to another and the difference it makes to live in a small, quaint city. That is our everyday life. That is something we as locals, foreigners, residents or tourists enjoy every day. And that is why we print this magazine, so you too can go through its pages, read about Baja, learn about real estate and thrive.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey – Cristina Chowath.

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