Baja Living

From the Editor’s Desk

The only thing that is constant is change.

From day to night, from winter to spring, from stepping out of our comfort zones into the wild excitement of the unknown. Change keeps us moving, evolving and over time, helps develop the best in us.

Baja California Sur is also changing. Its’ people are changing with one destination in mind: greatness. Nowadays wherever you go, whatever you see, whomever you talk with, there is always something new and exciting happening. New residential communities are developing (more info at Coldwell Banker Riveras‘ website), new family activities are being organized and more importantly, new visitors (both foreign and nationals) are bringing their dreams and goals of quality living into reality.

But what never changes, what always stays the same, is our love and respect for this land. From the rugged mountains and deserts, to the calming blue waters, the smells, tastes and colors forever captivate the hearts of all of us who venture to this magical place.

This is the 18th issue of Escapes. It all began with a simple idea that changed and evolved into a wonderful project presenting the people of Baja and its culture. There are so many stories we still want to share and places yet to be discovered, but the one question we need to ask you is, would you come with us? Hope so. Enjoy.

Cristina Chowath – Editor

PS. Thanks to Wild Canyon for an amazing experience at the giant swing teaching this magazine editor to let go and enjoy…

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