About Us

ESCAPES is a high profile lifestyle & real estate magazine about living in Baja California Sur, the ever wonderful Mexican culture and its local traditions; but also about our homes, social responsibility and things that make our hearts melt in paradise.

We feature stories that showcase new ways of indulging in Baja living. We narrate beautiful tales about the land. We seek to capture memorable moments and share each experience with our readers. We publish stories of our friends and neighbors, each telling their unique point of view. We are trendsetters, opinion makers and real estate leaders. We research, discover and push borders.

ESCAPES is the lifestyle magazine about Baja, published fully in English and Spanish. Our readers are national and international that have found in Baja their home. They are active consumers with strong buying power, a higher standard of living and well educated.

ESCAPES is a made with love with the sole purpose of making you fall in love with Baja.

The magazine is issued 2 times per year and printed in 13,000 copies per issue. With have more than 60 distribution points all over Baja Sur (covering areas all over from La Paz, Todos Santos, Pacific Corridor, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, La Ribera and Los Barriles), and distribution in high end residential communities such as Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas and Pedregal de La Paz.

About Grupo Riveras.

Anyone can do real estate, but a true professional goes the distance to create experiences that last a lifetime. 40 years ago, the Diaz Rivera Family became pioneers in the real estate market by helping turn a beautiful land into a world class paradise with all the amenities and services to provide excellent living for all. Led by Architect Manuel Díaz Rivera, the family began to shape and contribute not just to the real estate market but to the community.

With the eminent growth of the area and clients wishing to expand their Baja experience, the Díaz Rivera family formed Grupo Riveras to reach other areas in Baja and to continue to develop a modern and luxurious real estate portfolio that included Pedregal de La Paz, among many other residential communities. For the brokerage experience, support and resources, who better than the leading international broker with over 100 years of experience? Grupo Riveras teamed up with Coldwell Banker to be able to provide unparalleled brokerage services in the South of Baja.

Today, thanks to its sales associates, administrative personnel (we prefer the term family members) and the support of countless satisfied customers, Grupo Riveras is one of the leading names in comprehensive developing and real estate services in Baja California Sur.

Thank you for reading ESCAPES!


Cristina Chowath,